God Makes the Chaos Mean Something

Human nature loves its world scripted and under control. Our internal wiring finds it absurd to search for meaning in chaos? With God however, nothing is impossible.

Is Your Controversy Worth Fighting For?

Stupid, Senseless, and quarrelsome, these three words capture Paul’s charge to Timothy regarding disputes. They can also serve as three indicators that a controversy is not worth a fight.

Remaining Steady In a Season of Rage

We live in a season of rage and controversy. Every time you turn around, someone is outraged about something. From Twitter comments that spark a firestorm to Facebook rants written in all capital letters, rage seems to be in our nature. While some controversies are worth fighting for, others are not. This is where the Bible comes in . . .

What Is Your Plus One?

Instead of looking at suffering as just an unfortunate tragedy, look at it as something that will build you up.


You Cant Get There From Here

We tend to have a natural bias to things that work at the moment, but that can present a problem . . .

Are You Letting Your Story Become Hijacked?

We are drowning in an ocean of narratives that confuse, anger and cause fear. The world is filled with so many conflicting stories that we can be left overwhelmed and depressed. Even if a story is true, (which many are) we can fixate on it to the point of distraction. Which world story should we believe- focus on?

10 Lessons from Exile

If we learn only pain from painful times then we have missed the most valuable part.

Running With Patience

In the midst of this ongoing Covid19 crisis we are challenged to learn more than ever what it means to live our journey’s patiently.