Four Signs You Need to Go to “The Other Side”


One day Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side of the lake.”
Luke 18:22

In my last blog, I said that “THERE” is the place where God wants you to be. When I say “THERE”,  I mean the place where your next season lie – where your next level of growth, breakthrough, and success is. We often stand on this side of a mountain looking over the gorge to where we need to be (on The Other Side) and ask the question, “What is keeping me from going over  THERE?”.  The ugly reality is that there are hindrances in our lives that can keep us from traversing the distance to the other side – Things like habits, character flaws, attitudes, unhealthy patterns, and even great skills that might have worked in the past but will no longer work in the present or future.

Here are four dead giveaways that you need to go to the other side.

You’ve hit a ceiling.

Like the four characters in the story “Who Moved My Cheese”, Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw  have run out of cheese and can go no further. In human experience, you hit an invisible ceiling. All forward movement has stopped. Growing, stretching, and reaching for new goals has settled into commonplace. Your gifts and talents are no longer adequate for where you must go. The ceiling sounds something like this: Is this all there is? Is this is as good as it gets?,Is this as far as I can go? All I will ever be? These kinds of questions betray the fact that we have reached the end of a cliff and notice for the first time the giant gap of where we are and where we need to be.

What worked then doesn’t seem to work now. 

You’ve honed your skills, mastered your craft, and seen success, but now something is different. No matter what you try, you are not breaking through.

The strongman Samson relied on his past success of “shaking himself off” from the feminine wiles he was prone to and as the Bible puts it “go out as he had gone before” – Relying on his past success however led Samson to lose his superhuman strength and even his eyes.

It is said that when World War II started, America joined the war but did not do as well as what was first imagined. They had the 17th largest army in the world then. In many cases, the soldiers were using the same weapons and tactics from the last world war – WW1.

You might’ve heard of Ellis Coleman The Flying Squirrel.  On several occasions, Coleman executed a takedown by jumping over his opponent and grabbing him as he flew over his back. Coleman became a sensation with this innovative move and became a champion on a high school level. However Coleman lost in the first round of Olympic competition to Ivo Angelov of Bulgaria by a 3–1 score.  Ellis’s Flying Squirrel move worked on a high school level winning him the district title, but did not work on an Olympic level.

The David and Goliath story is no different. The arrows and spear were good against wolves and lions, but they would not work with the hulking Goliath because what got David to that point in his journey would not take him further.

You do things out of compliance but not out of commitment. 

Do you have the same passion today that you did 10 years ago – whether it is for God or life or for what you do? When we are just complying, there is a staleness to life.- predictability and boredom. Compliance cannot take you to the next season – only commitment can.  Compliance is a skill issue – Commitment is a heart issue.

With compliance, passion becomes replaced by mechanical numbness, but there is a haunting voice inside us that says we were meant for much more.

You have grown in your gifts and talents but not in character.   

Success can become a problem especially if we grew in skills but not in heart.

Some of the most talented people have destructive character flaws. Starting a race and looking like a superstar while you run is one thing. It’s entirely another thing to finish the race well.  Just before Israel took The Promised Land, God commands them to take the lea:.

Hear, O Israel: you are to cross over the Jordan today” (Deuteronomy 9:1).

Then, in Chapter 10:12 -22, God charges them to circumcise their hearts (before they cross the Jordan). In the end, people will remember more how you acted than what you accomplished. After all, what good is it going over to the other side if you don’t have the character to live there?