What God births, He sustains

Are you holding on to a dream God never birthed?

Have you ever tried to hold on to something not meant for you the way a child may clutch onto something even though it may be harmful?

We do the same when we hold on to dreams and visions God never gave us.

Abraham once tried to birth his dream ectopically (Out of place) outside of God’s process by producing a child of the promise through a surrogate mother who wasn’t his wife.

We know that God does give dreams and visions to his children, and they should be contended for.

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him. Philippians 2:13

 There are however dreams and visions, God never gave us. You might call them “Pumpkin dreams”, notions that came from sources other than God’s process.

 Like children, we are always forced to carry in a detrimental way, whatever we refuse to surrender.

There are many who walk along life’s road bitter, and resigned because their dreams never came to fruition. They stare out life’s preverbal window and wonder “where did I go wrong”.? “What happened to me? “How did I end up here”?

What you birth in your own strength, you must sustain.

Abraham tried to birth his dream outside of God’s process but there were no support systems to facilitate the process. When there are no “organs” to facilitate the life created, we have to make something up. We have to rely on your own resources.

There is a common story that a Korean pastor once visited churches in the United States and after seeing how organized, successful and efficient they were said “It’s amazing what you people can do without the Holy Spirit.”

This is a question we must ask ourselves. Am I producing something out of sheer talent, or business savvy, and even succeeding at it, but it’s something God never sanctioned? There is prosperity, but no blessing, success, but no Holy Spirit in the enterprise.

 What God births, He sustains.?

If there is one way we know that God is behind something it is that it always possesses a perennial quality that endures through anything. When God births something, it outlives dubious fads, or the latest leadership paradigms. It remains   through social upheavals, lean times and even persecution. It thrives for one reason… God birthed it.

There is no encouragement more profound, no force more sustaining, no thought more resolute, then the certainty that God birthed your dream. You can endure anything, when you are convinced that God is the author and sustainer of the vision.

It was this revelation that fueled Paul’s indomitable language

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Rom 8:37”