When is the last time you leapt for joy?

When is the last time you leapt for joy?

And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit
Luke 1:41 (ESV)

When Elizabeth heard the greeting, she felt the baby kick. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.
Luke 1:41 (GW)

God has created us with a great capacity for unabashed Joy – Transcending joy that eclipses everything life throws at it. If you are old enough, you might relate to this question: When is the last time you remember your heart leaping with joy? I don’t mean the worldly kind of joy that is purely circumstantial, but joy that comes because something is being conceived in you by the Holy Spirit – and that something defies circumstance, giving cause for great leaping.  Have you noticed how children are so much more prone to excitement than we adults? They take exciting things at face value and leap with total abandon. They see Christmas with pure and unadulterated excitement.  Many adults, however, tend to view Christmas through shrewd, weary eyes.

The older we become, the more infrequent these leaping experiences become. Maybe going through life’s disappointments have conditioned us to remain guarded when there is potential for excitement.  Too many have lost the ability to be “excited” for fear of disappointment. Whatever the reasons, I am convinced that God does not want us to live life without moments of “leaping”.

When something is conceived by God, it gives us a reason to be excited, however,  in Matthew 1:20, Joseph refused to be excited because he thought that Mary’s child was illegitimate.  Are you afraid to leap with joy because you think it might be illegitimate? The same words spoken by the angel to Joseph should admonish us:  “That which is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit” Matthew 1:20 (ESV).

I believe that God still seeks to birth things inside of us no matter what our age. He impregnates us with things that, like real pregnancy, cause great anticipation and “leaping”. And with this conception, the Lord gives us “permission” to become excited again, especially after disappointment.  The key is to discern through prayer and the Word what God is seeking to birth.

I encourage you during these holidays to look beyond the holiday rage and reconnect with the moments of joy God is trying to give you.