Light in the Pit

Light in the pitThe world watched as 33 miners were dug out of a two-mile deep hole where they were stuck for almost 70 days.

I could not help but to think of how being stuck in a pit can be a picture of life as there are seasons when you feel buried in a God-forsaken hole devoid of light.

Life is very much like going into a mine every day and carving out your existence . . . And once in a while, a part of the mine collapses, making you stuck.

With the darkness, comes depression, separation anxiety, and the profound feeling of abandonment. Job said this from his pit, “Why is light given to those who are in misery?”

The pit is a place that shows you who you really are as it forces you to face the last person on earth you want to face…yourself.  We often hide from ourselves on the surface of the world in broad daylight, filling every moment with things that distract us from looking in the mirror. The pit brutally addresses this cold fact.

Being in the pit is like being in a furnace, a crucible that forces out the truth about yourself and your reality.  Jeremiah was thrown into a dry well, and his experience is described this way: “And Jeremiah sank in the mud”.

Joseph was thrown into a pit by his own brothers, being cursed by them with the words, Let’s see what becomes of his dreams”.

From inside a great fish (which can be like a pit), Jonah said, “From the belly of hell, I cried, and the Lord heard me”.

Coming out of your pit begins with changing how you see your pit. I am absolutely convinced that we are to see the dark place as a place of hope. In fact, the pit is the very basis for hope – not hopelessness. The fact that you are in the pit is testimony that hope exists, and that it will break through your darkness like the sun through impossible dark clouds.

Hope begins by creating purpose in the pit. It is interesting that the 33 miners were all given daily tasks in their pit. This gave them purpose, because where there is purpose, there is a sense of hope. Where there is no purpose, you just wait to die. In your pit, it is important that you don’t lose your purpose, but continue to do what is in front of you, even if it doesn’t make sense.                                                              There is darkness in the world but there is also the call, “Let there be light”.   Abraham Hechel