See You on the Other Side!

Recently my wife and I had the greatest pleasure in conducting a remarriage for two people who had each come out of difficult circumstances.  Although I do not do remarriages lightly, in this case it was a no brainer – for in coming together, healing and closure occurred after many protracted years of hope deferred.

My wife and I had been in relationship with one of the individuals for the past 15 years and had walked through the process of helping the person rebuilding their life after a tragic divorce.   Whenever I would see this person or speak with them on the phone, I would often end with these words, “I’ll see you on the other side”. Their reaction was always, “No, I won’t!”. They always thought I joked about death, but I cleared that up at the wedding. What I had always meant is that with God, there is always the other side He wants to bring you to. We spend so much time on “this side” of the struggle and problem that we start becoming defined by where we are, not where God wants to bring us.

But with God, there is what you are going through, and then there is “the other side” of where He wants to bring you. We can become stuck on “this side” of the struggle thinking that it’s all there is.

It was with great delight that we saw this couple choose to go to the other side of what God had for them – To not allow their past keep them from crossing over.

Sometimes all we see is the giants on the other side, not the destiny God has. Jonathan, the son of Saul, refused to remain on “this side” even after his army has suffered humiliating defeats.

One day Jonathan said to the young man who carried his armor, “Come, let us go over to the Philistine garrison on the other side.” – but he did not tell his father (1 Samuel 14:1 ESV).  Jonathan’s step led to Israel’s total defeat of their enemies. What waited for Jonathan on the other side was victory. He has to step forward to get it.

I think of that precious couple and pray just as they met God on the “other side” of the struggle, so might you – and be able to say with the Psalmist:


He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me.

Psalm 18:19 (ESV)