Why Jesus is the only savior?

1)      All other religions point to the way. Jesus is the only one who says “I am the way

i.e.  Napoleon quote.

Hilarin Felder said:  “Napoleon regarded the most striking proof of the divinity of Jesus–namely, his power over men’s hearts. This once all-powerful, Emperor (Napoleon) in the solitude of his last days, called up before his imagination all the heroic figures and master minds of the world, and measured them by his own gigantic greatness. But all of them combined, and he himself as well, vanished like empty shadows before the person of Jesus Christ:


NAPOLEON . “.  “ Now that I languish here at St Helena, chained upon this rock, who fights, who conquers empires for me? Who still even thinks of me? “

2)      Why there must be only one way to salvation.

Odd Religions.

i.e.  Nuwaubianism  . Here is a list of some of the more unusual Nuwaubian beliefs:

1. People were once perfectly symmetrical and ambidextrous, but then a meteorite struck Earth and tilted its axis causing handedness and shifting the heart off-center in the chest
2. Each of us has seven clones living in different parts of the world
3. Women existed for many generations before they invented men through genetic manipulation
4. Homo sapiens is the result of cloning experiments that were done on

5. Nikola Tesla came from the planet Venus.
i.e.  The Church of Maradona – Honoring Football and D10S

The Church of Maradona was created by extremely devotional Argentinean fans to honor the football player, Diego Maradona, who they strictly believe is the greatest football player in the history of the sport.

The ‘Church’ was started by a few fans from the city of Rosario on the player’s 38th birthday (October 30th, 1998). Three years later it had its first major gathering and to date, there are over 100,000 members from all around the world.

What do followers of the Church of Maradona practice? All followers count the years since the player’s birth in 1960 and call him D10S, which translates to “Dios”, the Spanish word for God. The number “10” correlates to Maradona’s jersey number. Members of the bizarre religion use ‘AB’ for “After Birth” to measure time. So as of now, the year would be considered 60 AB (After Birth). There are also ten commandments, some of which include “Let Diego be thy name, and thy one of your children,” “Declare your unconditional love of football,” and “The ball must not be stained, as D10S has proclaimed.”

To each his own?

i.e.  Aum Shinrikyo (Aleph) – Terrorist Cult

Aum Shinrikyo, founded by Shoko Asahara (currently awaiting execution) in 1984, is one of the most dangerous cults. The group carried out a sarin gas attack in the Tokyo subways in 1995, making them infamous to most of the world instantly. The members of the cult were frequently accused of holding followers against their wills and forcing them to pay donations. The cult’s headquarters (located in Kamikuishiki) contained explosives, biological warfare weapons (such as the Ebola virus), and others. But the most dangerous item was the stockpiles of chemicals that could have produced enough sarin gas to kill four million people. Luckily, they were discovered by police.

The cult has been labeled as a terrorist group by several nations, such as the United States, Canada, and the EU. Not all cults are harmless after all. This one is an example of how powerful and far-reaching a group of people can get.

The root of “to each his own” idea is that their religion is this:

“my personal happiness”

John Bunyan said, “For some the entrance to hell is from the portals of heaven.”

      Jesus prevents any confusion.

  • “I am the bread of life” (6:35);
  • I am the way, the Truth and the Life” Joh 14:6
  • “I am the door …. ” (10:1, 7).
  • “No other name.” Acts 4:12

3)      If a universal law is true, it must be true for everyone.

i.eLaw of gravity does not apply only to some people.

If it’s not true for everyone then it’s true for no one


NOTE: This is what it means “Narrow is the way”

It’s  a narrow viewpoint. But that is Christianity. And it is the truth.