What is Your Song?

While on vacation recently I went to a famous dinner on Broadway in NYC. I had been longing for a quiet breakfast where I could write my blog, but to my surprise I started at the high pitched sound of a waitress who began singing. Every few minutes, one of the servers serenades us with a Broadway tune.  Some tunes are happy, others sad.  I look at the faces of the patrons around me.  Some smile while they sing happy songs, while others are somber during the more dramatic songs. This brings to mind something Abraham Hechel said:  “One of the greatest expressions of pain is a song”.  I believe that the opposite is also true – One of the greatest expressions of joy is also song.


Whether we know it or not, each of us has a song inside us.  That song will either be one of bitter resentment or of persevering joy.  Every day that begins, we choose which song we are going to sing.  We can sing a song of faith that sees breakthrough or a song of defeat . . . the song of purpose or resignation.


A song conveys a feeling, tells a story or argues a political view.  A song celebrates beauty, mourns captivity or grieves a loss.


The important thing about a song is to know when the song is over – to remain in your song when it’s over is to perpetuate your season.


Not only should we end the song when it is concluded, but we must also learn to pick up the next song God has for us, embrace it, and sing it to its conclusion.  Yes, for some of us, it is time to change our tune.  A new song is prepared for us, but we are stuck in the old one. Perhaps it is your season for a song of joy, but you are still in a song of sorrow even though the curtain has gone down.


God has a song for you, but are you stuck with the same old tune still in your head?